Mot Bishops Stortford; Vehicles in the UK must pass an MOT test to ensure they are safe for drivers and passengers, as well as to ensure that they produce minimal emissions. It includes everything from tiny motorcycles with less than 200cc to massive Lorries. Its purpose is to help you avoid getting behind the wheel of a vehicle with a known safety defect. The Driving and Vehicle Criteria Agency has established minimal standards for your car that are tested during the MOT inspection.

What do the Mot Bishops Stortford test results indicate ?

After your MOT Bishops Stortford test, you will be issued a certificate indicating whether or not you passed. In addition, any problems with your car will be listed on the document.

  • A serious fault is a critical issue that causes an immediate failure of the MOT.
  • A failure might also be caused by a major defect requiring rapid attention.
  • The automobile will pass the MOT with minimal fault, but the problem needs to be fixed as soon as feasible.
  • Advisory indicates a potential problem with your car that could worsen over time.

Simplest Causes of MOT Test Failure for Vehicles

Some of the reasons your vehicle may not pass the MOT Bishops Stortford inspection are listed below:

  • Windshield cleaner was empty. Don’t let something as simple as this throw you into a loop.
  • There was dirt or clutter all over the car. Get the interior and trunk clean, then give the glass and lights a quick wipe-down.
  • There was an issue with the license plate. The plate, for instance, may have had the wrong typeface or line spacing, been soiled, or been absent. If you wish to use a customized license plate, you must adhere to DVLA regulations.
  • Windshield stickers obstruct the driver’s view. Make sure that anything adhered to the windshield, such as parking tickets, is not in the path of the wipers.