A study by the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec demonstrates a decrease in road accidents by 5% due to the use of winter tyres.

On top of getting assured safety, buyers can make considerable savings on the purchase of winter tyres as:

  • Winter tyres perform great even when not used during the winter season
  • Prevent injuries, collisions, and fatalities
  • Minimise the frequency of insurance payouts
  • Decrease traffic congestion
  • Reduce the number of ambulance emergency responses

But how do winter tyres save lives and prevent accidents? The safety aspect owes itself to their several sipes and tiny grooves leading to braking capabilities and superior traction.

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Choosing the perfect winter tyre

For best results, it is recommended to pick tyres explicitly manufactured for the winter season. These tyres are engineered for use during the winter season and are to be replaced during the non-winter season.

Since specific winter tyres Harlow are designed to perform better in the snow while others on the ice. Make your choice based on road conditions, vehicle type, driving habits, and local weather patterns.

Today’s winter tyres come with a reliable grip, which is a result of flexible rubber compounds that offer superior traction. The rubber compound of these tyres is coupled with a wise tread design. This exterior provides far greater control and braking capability. These tyres perform well on dry, snow-covered, and icy roads. The primary feature of winter tyres is their shorter stopping distances in emergencies.

Temperature is an essential factor to consider while choosing winter tyres. At a temperature of 7C, winter tyres will outperform all other tyres. Also, monitoring tyre pressure is crucial too, as tyres lose one psi for every 5C drop in temperature. It is advised to measure tyre pressure at least once a month.

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