Hot weather can put your tyres through a tough test. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the right summer tyres based on your requirement and have them checked regularly. At The Tyre Shop Harlow, we understand the challenges of our customers. Therefore, we are always keen to offer the best of summer tyres Harlow. The Tyre Shop Harlow is the ideal garage which understands summer tyres like no one. Our skilled technicians will let you know what type of summer tyres you require and what is the best way to handle them.

Summer tyres are engineered to provide excellent, all-round performance in the warmer climatic conditions. Why? Because they have a relatively hard compound which will soften in milder temperatures. These tyres have slightly lesser sipes as compared to winter tyres, but they have specially designed tread bars to minimize aquaplaning.

Summer tyres specialise in providing more grip, both laterally and longitudinally. This ensures a better grip on wet and dry roads. They have a simple block-shaped tread pattern. Thus, offering a large footprint with the surface of the road. With summer tyres, you can be assured of excellent handling and massive impact on the braking distance. These tyres have lower friction. Hence, they are more fuel-efficient.

The best time for the use of summer tyres is between April and September, at temperatures above 7C. It must be noted that there are no legal issues in using these tyres during the mild British winter, as well. However, for winter conditions below 7C, summer tyres will need replacement. Get your car to our garage as soon as you feel the need to get your summer tyre serviced. Our servicemen will let you know the nitty-gritty of tyre care, while, giving the most reliable repair under your budget.

A thing to keep in mind is that summer tyres are made with shallower grooves. Hence, they are more susceptible to collecting road debris like gravel and stones. The extra debris caught in the tyre can burrow into the tread and weaken the rubber with time. This will eventually lead to a puncture. To avoid any such unforeseen situation, visit our garage or book an appointment via our website.

Therefore, at The Tyre Shop Harlow, we stock a massive range of premium summer tyres suitable for 4x4s, cars, SUVs, and vans. Our team at the garage offers a variety of prompt services like repair, replacement, or fitting for summer tyres Harlow. Our services are easily customisable and are designed keeping in mind the requirements of customers. Feel free to ask questions, get your doubts cleared, and experience the best tyre care for your vehicle.