Continental AG, the father company of Continental Tyres, is located in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany. The company was founded in 1871 and was primarily known for dealing with rubbers. The revolution of the tyre industry was inevitable when they set their feet here. Every other manufacturer was aware of who had stepped into the game, and how they were about to change a lot of things.

The company didn’t face a lot of hardship in rising to the heights of the industry. The path to success wasn’t very new for them as they had over 140 years of experience in dealing with rubber and its compositions. The company soon over-shadowed some of the biggest tyre manufacturers like Goodyear, Pirelli and Michelin.

Continental is well aware of the importance of tyres in your car, and they understand how important it is for the safety aspect as well. This is why they have, over the years, extensively researched and developed better tyres. Continental prides itself with the credit of discovering tyre tread. Nowadays, it is the most important aspect when we talk about designing a tyre. Their tyres provide you with excellent traction and grip of the vehicle and are being improved even more. We, at The Tyre Shop Harlow, have similar beliefs and work to improve ourselves always.

The company does not work to only get monetary benefits from their customers but also work for the advantage of society. Continental tyres are known for taking the initiative to reduce the number of road accidents. The initiative later came to be known as “vision zero”, and was focused on reducing the number of deaths due to tyre faults and failure to an absolute zero. Such steps to ensure the safety of the people, on the road, shows how much they care for their customers. This is also what has won the hearts of its customers and helped them gain their loyalty. We, at The Tyre Shop Harlow, care for our customers’ safety as well, and never compromise on repairs and services. We’d rather lose money than lose a customer due to our ignorance.

We don’t want you to trust the company because of their and our claims. Rather, listen to the leading car manufacturers like Honda, Porsche, BMW, Ford, etc., who use Continental tyres as part of their original equipment. Continental tops the list of original equipment providers in Europe and is ranked fourth in the list of tyre manufacturers. The company has recorded annual revenue of €44.550 billion, which is in itself a remarkable feat to achieve.

We, at The Tyre Shop Harlow, take pride in dealing with tyres of such a company. We have a wide collection of the latest tyres from Continental available at our garage for our customers to buy. We also have experts who can assist you to make the right choice when it comes to buying something as important as your tyres. Not only that, but you can also ask them for pieces of advice related to maintaining your car and its performance.