Bridgestone Tyres; Tyres have been known to be one of the most essential aspects of a car, without which you cannot even imagine mobility. Wheels were one of the first and most important discoveries made by early humans. Been used for such a long time, they needed to be upgraded and manufactured with better designs.

This is where Bridgestone Tyres stepped in and changed the industry completely. They acted as a bridge between the traditional and the modern performance levels of tyres. Forever improving and working for the betterment of customers is something that Bridgestone and we, at The Tyre Shop Harlow, follow.

The man behind making this change is the founder of the Bridgestone company, Shojiro Ishibashi. The clever founder didn’t need to do a lot of research to come up with a name for his company, as he translated his name in English and came up with just the thing he wanted. When translated and rearranged, his name changes to ‘Bridgestone’. His company now is a household name across the globe and has a reach in more than 150 countries.

The company values not only its products but also its employees, which is why they have crossed the mark of 150k employees. Spread over 180 research facilities, these employees are exceptionally skilled at their jobs. We have similar beliefs, which is why we train our technicians extensively as well. We do this to ensure that our customers receive nothing less but only the best services at The Tyre Shop Harlow.

People often ask us, why Bridgestone? Well, the answer is simple. Why any other when you have Bridgestone. Even after all these years, Bridgestone stands tall among other tyre manufacturers, while its products are unrivalled as well. While others were working to earn money, Bridgestone earned a name for itself by winning the hearts of its customers. They did so by continuously working to make better and more efficient products. We, at The Tyre Shop Harlow, have followed a similar path, and have valued our customers above anyone and anything else. Customer satisfaction is the key to success and you can be sure to get that here.

Bridgestone is one of the most loved tyre manufacturers today, and the proof is here at The Tyre Shop Harlow. We have a wide range of Bridgestone’s latest tyres available at our garage, as it has been one of the most sought for a tyre company. We want to make sure that we provide our customers with only the best products, and with Bridgestone, we have done so successfully till now.

Along with great products, we make sure that our experts are provided with the best pieces of equipment as well. We want to ensure that the quality and efficiency of services offered at The Tyre Shop Harlow does not degrade, but rather improve even more. Visit us and you’re sure to trust us again with your car. We’ll make sure that your ride goes smoother than ever, while we save your money as well, which is thanks to the genuine pricing that we’ve done for our services.