Overtightening causes the majority of locking wheel nuts and/or the key to be damaged. Locking wheel nut removal Harlow is available if you have damaged the lock nut or the locking wheel nut key as a result of the nut being overtightened. Most keys have been made of mild steel, which can distort under intense pressure, rendering the key useless. In these cases, a specialist is required to remove the key. If you know the special code, you can order a new locking wheel nut key from the manufacturer. A new key will also stop working if the locking wheel nuts have indeed been overtightened. It is more cost-effective to purchase a new set of locking wheel nuts because the majority of manufacturers charge roughly the same amount for a replacement identifier as they do for a new complete set of locking wheel nuts.

What is the time required to remove a locking wheel nut?

Without the original key, removing a locking wheel nut or bolt can take anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes. Everything depends on the locking nut, the damage already present, how strict the nut is, and the removal techniques needed. In about 20 minutes, 4 nuts or bolts are typically removed. Using special tools, locking wheel nut removal Harlow service is able to provide a 100% guarantee.

Why not attempt to remove the locking nuts yourself?

Numerous DIY removal methods suggested on car forums, YouTube, and Google don’t work on modern wheel nuts. Only a few older style bolts can be loosened by hammering a slightly narrower socket on top of the locking wheel nut if the bolt’s exterior is accessible and hasn’t been overtightened. Manufacturers of alloy wheels and locking wheel nuts/bolts have also changed the designs of the wheels and bolts over the years, making it almost always impossible to use this method today. Your wheel will inevitably be damaged by this, and it further damages the locking nut head, making it more difficult for us to remove.