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What Are The Causes Of Flat Tyres?

Flat tyres occur due to various reasons:

  • Punctures: Sharp objects such as nails, screws, or broken glass on the road can puncture the tyre, causing it to deflate.
  • Underinflation: Insufficient tyre pressure can lead to increased friction and heat buildup. It makes the tyre susceptible to damage and eventual deflation.
  • Overloading: Exceeding the recommended weight limit for your vehicle can put excessive pressure on the tyres. It leads to premature wear and potential blowouts.
  • Wear and tear: Tyres naturally wear down over time, especially if they’re not rotated regularly or if the tread depth becomes too shallow. It increases the risk of punctures and falls.
  • Valve stem damage: The valve stem, responsible for maintaining tyre pressure, can become damaged or corroded. It results in air leaks and flat tyres.
  • Impact damage: Hitting potholes, curbs, or other obstacles on the road can cause structural damage to the tyre. It leads to leaks and flats.
  • Extreme temperatures: Drastic temperature changes can affect tyre pressure, causing them to expand or contract and potentially leading to a flat if not properly monitored and adjusted.

Signs Of Runflat Tyres

Recognizing signs of a flat tyre is crucial for road safety. At Harlow, Runflat Tyres Sawbridgeworth we look out for these indicators:

  • Visible damage: Inspect the tyre for cuts, bulges, or punctures, indicating potential leaks.
  • Tyre Pressure Warning Lights: Many modern vehicles are equipped with tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that illuminate a warning light on the dashboard when tyre pressure is low.
  • Uneven Tyre Wear: Uneven wear patterns on the tyre tread may suggest alignment issues or underinflation, leading to potential flats.
  • Vibration or shaking: If you feel unusual vibrations or shaking while driving, it could indicate a flat tyre or another tyre-related issue.
  • Sudden loss of control: A sudden pull to one side or difficulty steering could signal a flat tyre, especially if accompanied by a thumping sound.
  • Visible deflation:  A visibly deflated tyre or one that appears noticeably lower than the others indicates a potential flat.
  • Audible hissing: A hissing sound near the tyre could signify air leaking out. It indicates a puncture or valve stem issue.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s essential to address them quickly to prevent further damage and ensure your safety on the road.

How We Repair Runflat Tyres

At Harlow Tyre Service, Runflat Tyres Sawbridgeworth provides our customers with premium services for runflat tyres. Our process ensures efficient and reliable restoration of your Runflat tyres. It keeps you on the road with confidence. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Assessment

Our experienced technicians thoroughly inspect the Runflat tyre to identify the source of the damage and assess its extent.

Step 2: Puncture Repair

 If the damage is repairable, we carefully remove any foreign objects that cause the puncture and use industry-approved techniques to seal the puncture. We never compromise on the tyre’s integrity. 

Step 3: Reinforcement

For added safety and durability, we reinforce the repaired area to ensure it can withstand the unique demands of Runflat tyres.

Step 4: Quality assurance

Before returning your tyre to you, we conduct strict quality checks to ensure the repair meets our high standards and is safe for use on the road.

Step 5: Customer satisfaction

Our priority is your satisfaction and safety. We provide excellent service and ensure that your Runflat tyres are restored to optimal condition.


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Are run-flat tyres better?

Run-flat tyres offer advantages such as extended mobility after a puncture, reducing the need for immediate roadside changes. They provide added safety by allowing drivers to maintain control even with deflated tyres. However, they often come with a stiffer ride and are more expensive to replace. Whether they’re better depends on individual preferences and driving needs.

What is a run-flat tyre?

A run-flat tyre is designed to support the weight of a vehicle even after a puncture, allowing drivers to continue driving for a limited distance at reduced speed to reach a safe location for repair or replacement.

What is the disadvantage of run-flat tyre?

The main disadvantage of run-flat tyres is their higher cost compared to conventional tyres. Additionally, they typically provide a stiffer ride due to their reinforced sidewalls, and once they’re punctured, their limited driving distance at reduced speeds may not be suitable for all situations.