MOT Stow

First and foremost, understand the basics of the MOT. It stands for (Ministry of Transport) test which is a mandatory vehicle inspection in the whole United Kingdom. MOT Stow ensures that your vehicles meet the minimum safety and environmental standards.

When and Why you Need to Do an MOT Test in Stow

The MOT test is an obligatory annual examination of vehicles to ensure their safety. 

Let’s quickly dive into when and why you need to do an MOT check in Stow:

  1. Generally, the first MOT test is required when a vehicle is three years old. For example, if a car was first registered on xyz date then its first MOT would be due exactly three years later from this xyz date.
  2. Next series of tests should be conducted annually after the first MOT. 
  3. The exact date for the MOT will be specified on the vehicle’s previous MOT certificate.
  4. There are some exceptions on the other hand, usually applied to very specific categories, such as electric goods vehicles and certain agricultural vehicles.
  5. Additionally, the MOT test checks various aspects of a vehicle, for example:
  •  Lights
  •  Brakes
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Tires
  • Exhaust emissions.

In order to check all these aspects in your vehicle, beside Stow MOT, you can also arrange your MOT test in another city with our trusted MOT Aldershot 

Is it illegal to drive a vehicle without a MOT Stow test?

Definately, if your vehicle desperately requires one, then It’s illegal to drive a vehicle without a valid MOT certificate and it leads you into penalties.

It’s the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that the MOT is renewed on time. Other than MOT Stow we also provide whole car service Stow, in case your vehicle is in a desperate need for one. 

Advantage of having a MOT Test 

It provides several benefits for both vehicle owners and the general public.

For instance:

  • Provide Road Safety
  • Help in Vehicle Maintenance
  • Fulfill Legal Compliance
  • Help in smoother Insurance Process
  • Contribute in road safety by removing unroadworthy vehicles 

So, if you need all of those advantages then wait no more and do Professional MOT test services in stow on your due date. Contact us through this info given below:

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