MOT Sawbridgeworth

Initially, swiftly understand the definition of MOT. It typically refers to the Ministry of Transport test which is an annual test of vehicle safety and roadworthiness aspects. You need to require this MOT Sawbridgeworth for most vehicles which are over three years old.

Outcomes of Failure MOT Test

If your vehicle fails its MOT test then it means that it has not met the required standards of safety during inspection. This can leads to various results, for example:

Major Flaws: 

The MOT will be marked as a failure if the issues affect the safety and environmental performance. So,  major defects need to be repaired before the vehicle can be deemed roadworthy.

Dangerous Defects: 

The vehicle will be classified as having dangerous defects If there are severe safety issues identified during the MOT. Until the necessary repairs are made it is illegal to drive the vehicle on roads. 

Minor Defects: 

If the issues are minor and do not pose an immediate risk to safety, the expert may classify them as minor defects. In scenario like this vehicle can still pass the MOT but you’ll be advised to address these issues promptly

Not Serious but Required Monitoring:

The examiner may list certain issues that are not serious enough to cause a failure but are worth monitoring. These are referred to as advisory items.

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