How Much Does A Car Service Cost

How much does car servicing cost? Essential to the overall life length and functional performance of your automobile is its maintenance. Nevertheless, guessing survives with many, “How much does a car service cost?” The answer quite varies from several factors: the type, what your car’s make and model are, and where you reside. In this post, we present to you those variables that help determine what you may likely be charged when budgeting your vehicle’s service.

Car Service Basics

This, usually, is a regularly or typically scheduled type of servicing. It would be the regime of checks and scheduled maintenance that should keep your car in tip-top condition and running smoothly and safely. Amongst other things, these could include:

Oil and filter change: The metrics for better engine health.

Service and Brake Inspection: To enhance your braking system to function/work Better.

Fluid Top-Ups: This involves topping up coolants, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

Tire Check: It checks tire condition and rotation to provide even wear on the tires, leading to prolonged usage.

Check Battery: Check your battery health and performance.

Suspension and steering: It is An extremely even ride, free of jerky movements.

Lights and Indicators Check: Its purpose is to check whether all lights are functioning correctly.

The exhaust system: It checks ensures that there are no leaks and that it works decently.

Average Cost of a Car Service in the UK

The average cost of a full car service in the UK is anywhere between £150 and £300; many things may make this range slide up or down:

  • Dealers: Most independent shops charge less than dealers.
  • Location: Prices widely vary from region to region.
  • Car Model: cost would like to identify the impact of the car model/make on the service cost. Luxury or high-performance cars tend to run a little more expensively for servicing simply because of the nature of parts and required expertise.
  • Other repairs/replacements of parts: if Deemed necessary during the service, may add up to this base cost.

Factors That Change the Price of Automobile Services

Type of Service

There can be interim, complete, and primary car services. The interim services are far more accessible and thus much cheaper since they require replacement every six months or 6,000 miles on average. 

Considering that the entire service is at a higher price level already, it is accomplished once a year or after reaching 12,000 miles. After another year-around every two years or every 24,000 miles-the big service becomes due, owing to the work required, and hence the most expensive option.

What Is Your Car’s Make And Model?

Unsurprisingly, high-performance and luxury cars typically require more specific individual parts replacement and, therefore, skilled expertise to fit them, which might drive up the cost of their services. Such fees may be lower for many more common models, though, because relevant parts are readily available and mechanics are equally well-versed in these types of cars.


The prices are not fixed and go by your location. Prices in big cities will probably be minutely higher due to the high overhead of having a garage running there. This means a more competitive price is assured in the smaller towns and rural areas.

Importance of Regular Servicing

A leading part of keeping your car running to full optimum and, equitably, keeping it in a safe condition is through regular servicing. Here’s why:

  • Prevents Major Repairs: It is because, under periodic routine check-ups, any defects that are diagnosed on time will not afflict significant problems and, therefore can save much money.
  • Ensures Safety: safety systems like brakes and lights are running right.
  • Maintains Warranty: Regular servicing helps sustain the warranty on your car.
  • Good Resale Value: It also provides good resale value. Properly serviced cars with a total service history command good resale value.

Pick the Right Vehicle Service Company

As far as car servicing is concerned, it should be serviced from an ideally reputed service provider. Here is how:

Check For Reviews And Testimonials.

Seek reviews and testimonials from prior clients. If the reviews are up to par, it would mean one is dealing with a trustworthy service provider and a strong one. Websites to acquire such info include Google Reviews, Trustpilot, and Yelp.

Check Certifications and Qualifications

Ensure that technicians are qualified and certified. Professional bodies, like the Institute of the Motor Industry, which check levels may be searched to confirm such aspects about abilities and professionalism.

Compare Quotes

Document all the offers from several service providers to compare their better aspects, and rest assured with prompt time and very relevant services that are best in terms of getting value for money.

Do They Offer Warranty?

A good garage will give a guarantee on components and work. This warranty may help reassure you that any problems that may crop up right after the service will be remedied without incurring further costs to you.

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