The cambelt is a rubber band that rotates in tandem with the crankshaft to maintain proper valve timing. The engine will not operate effectively if the valve timing is incorrect. It’s possible it won’t even turn on. The water pump and power steering are both controlled by the cambelt. Cambelt change Bishops Stortford is needed if there’s an issue with your belt.

Why does it cost so much to replace a Cambelt Change Bishops Stortford ?

In terms of engine costs, the cambelt is among the highest. It’s tucked away in the engine’s core, and it’s responsible for keeping all the cogs in their proper places and running smoothly. To reach the cambelt, the Holy Grail of car maintenance requires disassembling over half of the vehicle. A cambelt change Bishops Stortford is like open-heart surgery for auto maintenance. Each vehicle brand has a unique procedure that typically necessitates using branded instruments. Even worse, if the technician makes an error, it might have dire implications.

When a cambelt fails, what usually occurs?

Depending on the engine you have, many things could happen if the belt breaks while running. In terms of noise and interference, engines can be split into two categories. In a nutshell, this means that an interference engine’s intake and emission valves move upward and downward in the cylinder alongside the pistons. The piston is at its maximum point in the cylinder when the valves are fully retracted or closed. At the point where the piston is most deeply seated in the cylinder when the valves are fully open, they expand into the combustor, thereby avoiding a potential collision. On the other hand, if the cambelt snaps, the engine’s valves will become immobile. The open valves will collide with the continuously moving pistons in this case. As a result, the piston and valves are damaged. And now you have a costly fix to pay for.